About Me

If you ask me ” Shivam, Which word are you more obsessed with? King or King Maker? My answer always will be “King Maker”. I believe the kingmaker who has all the source of power. They are the ones who influence the world, the countries, the businesses, the economy. They are the ones who help people to become the king of their own destiny.

Ohh sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Shivam Singh, son to the super parents, a Computer Science boy now turned into a full-time digital marketer. Helping e-com businesses to get known, get leads, and get sales.

In December 2020 I completed a bachelor’s degree in BSC Computer Science.

Talking about my professional journey, I started as a marketing Associate in 2018 along with my studies and did that work for 2 years. I learned a lot of things as a marketer. After completing my graduation in Jan 2021, I started a Digital Marketing internship at Digital Deepak, Bangalore. As a digital marketing intern I learned different modules of digital marketing and after completing the internship in April 2021, started working as a Digital Marketing expert for FMCG business.

Talking about my vision -To establish India’s biggest eCommerce company so that we can become a self-reliant nation in other words we will be Atmanirbhar Bharat in the e-Com sector. My company will help small product-based companies to grow smoothly.

And my 20-year mission will be: Create a company that makes 1000 crores a year in revenues and has an amazing team of 5000 people. At least 2500 product-based companies shall be registered themselves under us and sell their products smoothly.

The line which always inspires me to do more is- Be so focused on watering your grass that you don’t even have the time to check if somebody else’s grass is greener. Always work hard, aim high, and don’t be afraid to take challenges, remember just one thing one day you will going to die.