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Interview with Abhishek Singh from Nagpurian Wholesale

Abhishek is an eCommerce solopreneur who has been trading in the accessories industry. He has been in the eCommerce industry for almost 1 year. The exciting thing about Abhishek is, he is doing his business along with his graduation. Yaa! You heard right, he is not graduated yet. He is a 21-year-old boy who is doing his eCommerce business while pursuing his B-com degree.

Abhishek is a fitness freak and he loves spending hours in the gym. He also likes traveling and exploring new places, for him, traveling is all about meeting new people and understanding the traits of a different culture.

Further, Let us hear from him,

Hello and Welcome Abhishek!

Let us begin with your unique story, could you please share that with us?

Sure, my parents always wanted me to do a government job as most parents dream in India. But my dreams were different, I never wanted a government job, not that there was anything wrong with a government job but I didn’t want the struggle that my government job relatives used to have. So I decided to do something that could give me more financial freedom, freedom of time, freedom of energy.

I started my business with 500 rupees by selling earphones. It’s been almost a year since I started my e-com journey along with my studies and today my business reached at 1 lac per month profit and sooner I am going to buy my first shop.

I think that my biggest companion in my one-year journey is my attitude. Your attitude towards challenges decides everything. A positive attitude can really make dreams come true – it did for me. My Instagram Profile.

According to you, what’s the best way to start the day?

Start with making your bed.

Stay silent for 10 minutes & meditation for 10 minutes.

Do affirmation.

Visualize your dreams

Do exercise for at least 45 minutes.

Read a book for 30 minutes.

Who is or has been your inspiration?

In my opinion, you don’t need to be always inspired or influenced by highly successful personalities. Sometimes you just need to look around your own environment and observe. There are always some people around you who are doing great in their life. It might be getting in shape and becoming healthier. It might be becoming more punctual or adopting better habits. It might be becoming more committed to the relationship, or accomplishing a business goal or job objectives.

But yes when it comes to inspiration my biggest source of inspiration is my parents. Professionally, I get inspired by Jeff Bezos. He always says – “You can choose a life of ease and comfort or you can choose a life of service and adventure, which one of those when you are 90 years old are you gonna be more proud of”

What do you think about scope of eCommerce industry in India?

According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation,

The Indian e-commerce industry has been on an upward growth trajectory and is expected to surpass the US to become the second-largest e-commerce market in the world by 2034. The e-commerce market is expected to reach Rs 13,97,800 crore (US$ 200 billion) by 2027 from Rs 2,69,076.5 crore (US$ 38.5 billion) in 2017. India’s e-commerce market has the potential to grow more than four folds to Rs 10,48,350 crore (US$ 150 billion) by 2022 supported by rising incomes and a surge in internet users. Online shoppers in India are expected to reach 120 million in 2018 and eventually 220 million by 2025. Online retailers now deliver 15,000-20,000 pin codes out of nearly 100,000 pin codes in the country.

That shows the massive growth of the e-com industry in India.

According to you what are the key factors for the growth of eCommerce Business Scope in India:

Increased smartphone usage.

Reduction in the cost of broadband internet facilities to ensure more people come online.

Encouraging more domain registrations and letting e-commerce websites maintain them at cheaper rates

Encouraging innovative schemes such as the COD (Cash on Delivery).

Top 3 Platforms you used to sell your product?




How would you define success in your career?

Success, to me, is not all about having more money, big houses, 6-month vacation, or rich lifestyles. For me, success is all about how happy you are every day with your efforts. Success is the addtion of your every day’s tiny efforts which you make for the better life of your loving one.

To me, more money is not success but not having financial crises is a success.

To me, a 6-month vacation is not a success but the quality time spend with my parents, friends and my girlfriend is a success.


What is your biggest dream in life?

To have a successful eCommerce business and travel all around the globe.


What’s worth spending more on to get the best?

In my opinion research and analysis. Don’t be a lazy researcher. Research more and more about your products, your customers, your community, your content, your habits, your dreams, your life. The more you research, the easier it will be for you to succeed.

Lastly, would you like to say something to our readers?

For all the readers I would like to say that-

Be so focused on watering your grass that you don’t even have the time to check if somebody else’s grass is greener. Always work hard, aim high, and don’t be afraid to take challenges, remember just one thing one day you will going to die.

Thank you, we truly appreciate your valuable time spent with us. 

Thanks, Shivam for giving me this opportunity. I also wish you a very happy and healthy life for you and your family.

Thank you, Abhishek


Shivam Singh


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